Prime Time Makeover
By Dr. Cynthia Barnett

Rave Reviews for
Prime Time Makeover

Prime Time Makeover provides readers inspiration and guidance as they explore what they want during this next stage of their lives. Dr. Cynthia uses humor and real life stories to encourage readers to look at the various options along the journey. You will want to share this valuable resource with everyone you know.”

—Anne Alberg, author of Leveraging
the Internet
, Seattle, WA

“In Dr. Cynthia’s groundbreaking book, “Prime Time Makeover: How To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life,” you will discover how to redefine your purpose and meaning in retirement.  She shows you that by playing the “What If” game and creating your “I’ve always wanted ‘To’ list,” is just the beginning of finding happiness and true fulfillment in your second phase of life — retirement!”

—Michael Helgeson, MBA
Vice President of Business Development
The Snow Group

“Brilliant! Here is a toolkit for anyone who wants to have a joy filled, meaningful retirement.  The techniques and strategies will help you go further and set you on a path towards greater happiness and success.”

—Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching

“There is life after retirement and Dr. Cynthia Barnett provides a well-written, informative roadmap to this new beginning.  An excellent book for the Baby Boom generation!”

—Michael J.R. Schindler, author, speaker, advocate Operation Military Family

“If you are looking for the blueprint of a happy, meaningful and fulfilled retirement look no further than Prime Time Makeover: How to Make the Rest of your Life the Best of Your Life”

—Jeff Keller best selling author
of Attitude is Everything

“The challenge in life is to decide what you want to do when we grow up. Read this book today and learn how to discover, create and achieve your destiny!”

—Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“An important book for anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled life in retirement! It outlines powerful strategies that would help you create the life you desire and deserve.”

—Stephanie R.Ko
Author:Trading Your Way to Wealth

“After a lifetime of being what I did for a living, I’m delighted to have found Dr. Cynthia Barrett and this book.  It has changed my life immensely and helped me actually look forward to becoming a recovered workaholic.”

—Janet Stewart

“I was panic stricken at the thought of retirement, especially as I let it sneak up on me. This book helped me make an easy transition when I thought I was going to have to jump off a cliff.”

—Harry Penn

“Dr. Cynthia provides a great roadmap for anyone interested in making the second half of life the best it can be.  This book provides an excellent guide with practical tips to live a happy full life.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy today and learn from the experience of others how to make the prime of your life the best time of your life.”

—Dennis Kelley, Author of
Achieving Unlimited Success

“This book is a must-read!  Prime Time Makeover is a wonderful book filled with practical advice and a step by step plan that will help any person contemplating retirement achieve a happier, more meaningful life in the third age.”

—Gillian Leithman, MSc President
Directions, Third Age Consultants Inc

“Dr. Cynthia’s amazing ability to be extremely clear, articulate in simple language makes Prime time Makeover: How to Make the Rest of your Life the Best of Your Life not only amazing roadmap for happiness and success but a pure joy to read.”

—Lionel Founder of the Happiness Club

“Are you contemplating the second half of your life? We live longer now, so there is every reason for you to approach your future with excitement and wonder. In Prime Time Makeover, Cynthia Barnett provides the practical tools and strategies to guide you in re-firing your enthusiasm for a life of fulfillment. Get your second wind. Get Prime Time Makeover!”

—David Ambrose Author of Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness