Prime Time Makeover
By Dr. Cynthia Barnett

The Doctor’s Prescription
for Everyone 50+

Dr. Cynthia Barnett’s mission in life is to spread the word that “retirement” is not a dirty word, nor is it the end of anything; rather, it’s the beginning of what can truly be the most fun and best part of our lives.  Dr. Barnett’s new book, Prime Time Makeover, bears her out; it proves that retirement is actually just a word whose current connotations no longer apply.

Most books in this category focus solely on financial planning; thank goodness this one doesn’t.  It’s about time someone understood the emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of transitioning your life into the next phase.  Barnett has an exceptional grasp of what it takes to keep yourself happy and more than just content.  Plus, she shares her proven techniques in an easy to use format that anyone can follow. 

One of the best things about Prime Time Makeover is that Barnett has combined great information with concrete, practical suggestions and specific tools that can be of huge help when planning out the next 30 years of your life.   Starting with the pre-retirement planning process this book literally guides you through the individual actions you’ll want to take in order to make the next stage of your life it’s most pleasurable and productive.

Prime Time Makeover is an uplifting, enjoyable read and a great How To Book. The “don’t miss” of the year.

- By Elene London

Table of Contents

Introduction—A comprehensive, multi-faceted overview of how wonderful the prime time of you life can be if you let it. Plus there’s a first look at each of the major areas of your life that you can affect positively.

Chapter 1: Plan Ahead—A detailed look into what you should be doing to prepare yourself for a successful transition into retirement, especially during the five years just prior to and immediately after your move into your prime time. In addition to a concise section on financial planning, this chapter covers a broad range of subjects including maintaining or building your self-esteem; fulfilling your life long dreams and learning about all existing benefits/opportunities with your current employer.

Chapter 2: It’s An Inside Job—Tackles all the major fears most people face when looking towards retirement. This chapter is a virtual how-to for deciding all the things you’d like to do during the prime time of your life and then making them happen.

Chapter 3: It’s Also An Outside Job—Dr. Barrett offers a wide range of ideas for maintaining a happy, healthy, contemporary you. Here she provides a wide series of suggestions for staying physically and mentally fit.

Chapter 4: The Value of Family and Friends—Maintaining and building your circle of friends and associates is crucial to being happy. Even more importantly, Dr. Barrett reveals a new and exciting concept of "recontracting" your wedding and parental vows to ensure a more joyful prime time.

Chapter 5: Don’t Work, Be Productive—How to find and hold onto a positive attitude, whether you need to work or not. This chapter includes a chock-full-of-facts section on deciding whether you want to work at all, whether it should be full or part time and finding the right resources to bring your plans to fruition.

Chapter 6: It’s Not Leisure If You’re Playing—Dr. Barrett debunks the myth about leisure time meaning snooze time with an extensive set of suggestions and tips for finding out what types of play will most bring you joy.

Chapter 7: Stay Motivated—Any major project in your life requires on-going participation and it’s just too easy to fall off the track. In this section of Prime Time Makeover you’ll find important tips for staying motivated and finding joy in the journey itself.

A must-read guide

Dr. Cynthia Barnett has written a must-read guide for anyone retired or close to retirement. The title Prime Time Makeover makes vividly clear that retirement is the prime time of a person’s life, and Barnett wants to help you make sure it is absolutely the best time. Dr. Barnett dissembles any fears or concerns about retirement by providing guidance, information, and a great deal of enthusiasm to encourage you in making your retirement years enjoyable and fulfilling.

Prime Time Makeover is more than just another book about how to plan financially for retirement. The book offers several resources from a financial perspective, but just as importantly, it discusses how to plan your time during retirement so once you retire you are not bored or left feeling you were only valuable when you were working. Barnett dispels the fear of boredom that suddenly having thirty years of future free time might bring by showing how retirement can be a meaningful experience. She stresses the importance of beginning to plan before you retire so you know how you want to spend your retirement years. No reason exists for boredom during retirement. The prime time years are ones for positive change, growth, and self-fulfillment.

Dr. Barnett realizes every retired person will not fit into the same category of retirement. She discusses the variety of choices for retired people, from deciding to remain in the workforce part-time, moving to a new area whether it’s a retirement community or closer to family members, taking up a new hobby, or pursuing a dream that had previously been shelved because of work or family commitments. Prime Time Makeover is full of unique and helpful suggestions for how retired people can get the most out of their retirement years.

Every person about to retire should read this book. Children should buy it for their parents, and companies should include it as a parting gift to their retirees. Even if you are young and just starting out in your career, reading this book will be of immense value to you as you consider the greater purpose of your job, not just to pay today’s bills but to provide financial security for your future so your prime time years will be fulfilling. Prime Time Makeover will truly help you make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of The Marquette Trilogy